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Feel free to download any of the files below...they are here for your benefit.

File NameDescription / Comment
Age ComparisonUse this file to determine your pet's age in human years.
Avid MicrochipProvides information about the Avid Microchip.
Brushing Your Pet's TeethA quide to show how to introduce your pet to brushing at home.
Caring For Your Pet After SurgeryTips on taking care of your pet after surgery
Cat ParasitesThis file gives information about common cat parasites.
Dental Health and Your PetBasic information about dental health.
Did You Know These Could Be Poisonous??A description of common things that can be dangerous to your pet.
Dog Bite Safety SheetA good information sheet to help teach children about dog safety.
Dog ParasitesThis file gives basic information about dog parasites.
Dominance BrochureGood information if you have a dominant dog.
Flea, Tick & Heartworm MedicationsA quick comparison of the products we currently recommend.
Is My Pet Too HeavyA brief summary of the dangers of being overweight and steps to help your pet slim down.
Lifetime License.Gives basic information regarding the lifetime license.
Living Will For Your PetThis article from talks about protecting your pet in the event of your death.
Managing ArthritisTips on telling if your pet has arthritis and what to do about it.
New Client FormPlease fill this form out and bring it with you for quicker check in.
NSAID BrochureNSAID's are "aspirin" like drugs used to treat various conditions in dogs and cats.
NSAID InformationMore information on NSAID's...
Parasites, Your Pet And Your FamilyIntestinal parasites are not only dangerous to your pets, but they can cause problems for us...
Rehabilitation For Arthritis & Orthopedic SurgeryAn excellent paper showing techniques to improve your pet's range of motion because of arthritis or rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery.
Seperation AnxietyBasic information to help your dog with seperation anxiety.
Treats For Your PetList of commercial treats and alternative "natural" treats.