Franklin Animal Clinic Inc. Files - 'Downloadable Files'http://franklinMO.evetsites.netOn this page find several, informative files that you can download to your computer or smart device.Age Comparison this file to determine your pet's age in human years.file/63323/Age ComparisonAvid Microchip information about the Avid Microchip.file/63324/Avid MicrochipBrushing Your Pet's Teeth quide to show how to introduce your pet to brushing at home.file/63325/Brushing Your Pet's TeethCaring For Your Pet After Surgery on taking care of your pet after surgeryfile/63326/Caring For Your Pet After SurgeryCat Parasites file gives information about common cat parasites.file/63327/Cat ParasitesDental Health and Your Pet information about dental health.file/63328/Dental Health and Your PetDid You Know These Could Be Poisonous?? description of common things that can be dangerous to your pet.file/63329/Did You Know These Could Be Poisonous??Dog Bite Safety Sheet good information sheet to help teach children about dog safety.file/63330/Dog Bite Safety SheetDog Parasites file gives basic information about dog parasites.file/63331/Dog ParasitesDominance Brochure information if you have a dominant dog.file/63332/Dominance BrochureFlea, Tick & Heartworm Medications quick comparison of the products we currently recommend.file/63333/Flea, Tick & Heartworm MedicationsIs My Pet Too Heavy brief summary of the dangers of being overweight and steps to help your pet slim down.file/63334/Is My Pet Too HeavyLifetime License. basic information regarding the lifetime license.file/63335/Lifetime License.Living Will For Your Pet article from talks about protecting your pet in the event of your death.file/63336/Living Will For Your PetManaging Arthritis on telling if your pet has arthritis and what to do about it.file/63337/Managing ArthritisNew Client Form fill this form out and bring it with you for quicker check in.file/63338/New Client FormNSAID Brochure's are "aspirin" like drugs used to treat various conditions in dogs and cats.file/63339/NSAID BrochureNSAID Information information on NSAID's...file/63340/NSAID InformationParasites, Your Pet And Your Family parasites are not only dangerous to your pets, but they can cause problems for us...file/63341/Parasites, Your Pet And Your FamilyRehabilitation For Arthritis & Orthopedic Surgery excellent paper showing techniques to improve your pet's range of motion because of arthritis or rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery.file/63342/Rehabilitation For Arthritis & Orthopedic SurgerySeperation Anxiety information to help your dog with seperation anxiety.file/63343/Seperation AnxietyTreats For Your Pet of commercial treats and alternative "natural" treats.file/63344/Treats For Your Pet