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Congratulations on your new puppy!!!


Below are a number of articles to help you with your new pet. Also, visit and click the resource tab. This website is an excellent source of information for all types of training and behavior issues.

File NameDescription / Comment
10 Tips To Train Your DogThis article, written by Dr. Sophia Yin offers 10 tips to improve your pet's response to training.
Behavior Modification How to train your puppy by positive reinforcement with rewards.
Crate Training Your DogTips on crate training your dog.
Enrichment TrainingUsing enrichment training techniques.
Head Halter TrainingThe benefits of using a head halter on your puppy.
Learn To EarnHow to teach your dog by using rewards.
Puppy House TrainingHow to house train you puppy the right way.
Puppy Getting Started Off RightLearn the right way to deal with your puppy.
Puppy Play BitingTips to stop your puppy from play biting.
Puppy Recommendations For New OwnersRecommendations for new owners about raising your puppy.
Puppy Training BasicsTips for training puppies.
Relaxation TrainingHelping your puppy to relax.
Socializing and Fear PreventionHow to properly socialize your puppy and decrease fearful responses.
Teaching Come, Wait & FollowTeaching come, wait and follow.
Teaching Give & DropTeach your puppy to give you a toy.
Teaching How To WalkTeach your puppy how to walk without pulling on the leash.
Teaching Sit & StayTeaching sit and stay.
Tips on Crate TrainingMore tips on crate training your dog.