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Does Exercise Help Arthritis???


Yes, exercise can definitely help arthritis!! But the question is what type and how often??? Here are some simple guidelines to help you out:


  • The most important rule is to only do what your pet is able.
  • When able, chose areas with softer ground and good traction. Blacktop may be too hard and too hot for older feet and sandy soil makes it harder to walk.
  • A slow steady pace is just right for older dogs. As your pet becomes stronger, you can walk a little faster, but remember exercise in older dogs is about keeping joints limber and muscles loose. We're not doing "body building", we're doing "body maintenance".
  • Start out with shorter walks and build from there. A 1/4 mile walk every day is better than a 2 mile hike once a week.
  • Games like "fetch" and "catch" are still good for your older dog, but remember not to over do it....don't throw the ball as far and don't play as long.